Monday, June 6, 2011

10 Day Sugar Free Challenge

10 months post pardom and I have made it to my level one weight loss goal. Great, right? Definitely! But now that summer is here I am ready for level two and I only have 8 lbs to go. I hit a plateau about a month ago and have been stuck at the same weight, despite working out 6-7 days per week.

I am pretty sure I know what the culprit is - SUGAR. I have always had a huge sweet tooth and have not been very good lately at resisting certain things. Like sugary quick chek ice coffee. And nutella. And chocolate twizzlers (they are low fat, how bad could it be to eat the whole package in two days?). The list goes on and on. I have the constant urge to indulge on sweets and I would love to kick that.

I have decided to participate in a 10 day sugar free challenge from Run to the Finish in an attempt to reset my cravings. I don't plan on giving up the sweet stuff for good, but would love to not feel powerless over it. And if I happen to lose the last 8 lbs, bonus!

A Spoonful of Sugar Free is a great resource to check out if you are considering going down this road as well. She has some great recipes, tips and snack ideas. I have decided to keep fruit in my diet but have eliminated sugar substitutes and all refined sugar. Grocery shopping today was interesting, but I was able to stock up on some good food that will hopefully keep me satisfied. I'll be posting about the challenge over the next 10 days, so stay tuned for my progress!


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

yeahh!! good luck. the first few days were the toughest, but having lots of protein helped me for sure

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