Tuesday, June 28, 2011

YMCA Mini Triathlon

Lately I have been doing a lot of cross training along with running and have discovered that I really enjoy spinning and lap swimming. Believe it or not I am actually finding that since I started running less and cross training more, that my running is improving a lot!

Naturally, this has made me interested in triathlons. First step - Hillsborough YMCA's mini triathlon last Friday. It was an all indoor event that has given me the opportunity to see how I could perform in all 3 events back to back. Granted indoor swimming, running and biking is a different ball game than outdoors, but it was a great preview. I have since signed up for the Born to Tri Sprint Distance triathlon on August 6th. I am excited and nervous (especially for the open water swim!!)

The mini tri was the perfect training opportunity and a TON of fun! I finished in the middle of the pack, and I am pleased with that. I was particularly happy about how strong I felt during the run. I started off on the conservative side since I didn't know how I would feel but ended up running the last mile at a 9 min pace, SUPER speedy for me!

1/4 mile swim - 10:23
10 mile bike - 17:18
3 mile run - 30:38

Total time: 58:18


Pam said...

First off, I want to say you look amazing Kelly! :) We were just talking about the mini indoor tri today in spin and our instructor was saying that he does a class for people training for tris @ hillsborough.

I always said that doing spinning helped with my running tremendously. I want to add in swimming, but am so completely intimidated by the swimmers in the pool.

I am so proud of you not to mention inspired!!!!

Kelly said...

Thank you so much Pam!! Do you take Ali's class?? I LOVE him! I take his Monday am class in hillsborough and he has been talking me through all this triathlon stuff! Dont be scared of the water, just give it a shot!

You've been kicking butt lately, keep it up!!! We need to work out together soon, maybe I'll come up to Somerville for a class sometime!

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