Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fresh Veggie Kielbasa Pasta

We have been very into turkey kielbasa lately, but not served the traditional way (sauerkraut is a no go for me). We have been grilling it for for sandwiches and also in pasta sauce (a great suggestion from my father in law). My daughter calls it her "favorite steak" and it is also pretty healthy.

On Saturday, we had our friends Fabiana and Anthony over for dinner. They brought us a great gift, wonderful fresh veggies from their organic garden. Monday night I decided to make a fresh pasta sauce with the turkey kielbasa I had on hand and most of the veggies they brought us.

Tomatoes, fresh basil, peppers, onion and garlic all chopped up

I heated up approx 2 tbs of olive oil in the pan and browned the garlic. Then added the sliced kielbasa followed by the peppers and onions. Once they softened up (5-10 mins), I added about 1/2 cup of white wine and allowed it to simmer for a few minutes. Then all the tomatoes and fresh basil were added

Cooked about 1/2 lb of medium shells (Cecily's choice, she loves "helmets") and tossed with the sauce.

It was really yummy!! I love that I am at the point where I can create a meal now without following a recipe. Makes me feel like a real cook!


Zach said...

This meal was very good! I was very impressed that Kelly used all FRESH ingredients (nothing canned). She made enough that I was able to bring some for lunch the next day.

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