Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Almost every year Zach and I host a small Halloween party for our friends. I love this holiday, its so much fun to dress up and decorate the house. This year we dressed up as our kids, Cecily and Finn. I love how our costumes turned out!

Here is a look at my decorations. I've collected quite a few halloween things throughout the years.

For the food I served mainly tried and true recipes, with two new additions. I love cocktail parties with lots of appys, its my favorite way to entertain.

Garlic pecan cheddar cheese ring

Tastefully Simple Beer Bread

Dilled Shrimp

And my new favorite appetizer recipe, kielbasa bites, from Lauren's Kitchen. OMG they were good and so easy to put together

I decided to serve a "signature drink" and made Spiked hot apple cider in my crockpot. It was a hit!

And Fettunta Prosciutto, always a crowd pleaser

I also had Pumpkin soup, which I forgot to take a picture of and some chips and dip. We had a great time!


Lauren said...

What a FANTASTIC costume idea!! TOTALLY stealing that. ;) And glad you liked the kielbasa! :)

Kelly said...

LOVED the kielbasa!! So easy and they went so fast. I wish I had doubled it!

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